About Us

Our Origin:

Mango Tree - GoMango Origin

From a young boy who braved the heights of mango trees in search of the very best tropical delights, comes a cleaning service with the same bold drive. Fresh and clean is how your spaces should be.  Go Mango delivers true excellence in service to create the ultimate in peaceful atmospheres at work and at home. 
Need a little paradise? Get Go Mango.


The Beach - GoMango Philosophy

At Go Mango, we understand the value of family and friends and thoroughly believe that your time away from work should be a recess of rejuvenation and restoration. That’s why we take care of your workspace while you play, and your home while you’re away. We want you and your employees to be at your best all the time, and that means no worries about yesterday’s mess or tomorrow’s dust. Rest easy.  We’ll clean it up.

Who We Are:

Relaxed Business Man - GoMango Who We Are

Our job is to make sure you always feel good about your workspace and your home place. After all, we work there too! As a local cleaning company providing the Twin Cities with custom janitorial services, we aim to make your workplace just as comfortable as your home. When you feel relaxed and your workspace is fresh and clean, you will be able to conquer those projects with focus and drive. And when you open the door to a fresh, clean home, you can truly relax.
So stretch out and take a deep breath. It’ll be a good day.

Mission Statement:

Go Mango strives to provide customized cleaning services with honesty, reliability, and dedication by implementing stellar service in order to contribute to a successful workplace, and restful home atmosphere.