Look up. YUCK?

Ceiling Cleaning Service is on the way!  In just a few short weeks we will be set up and ready to tackle the most difficult place to reach in your building…the ceilings!  From open structures to tiles, we can SAVE YOU MONEY by cleaning your ceilings rather than painting or replacing.  Our industry specific cleaners and process are made to tackle to toughest grime and leave your building fresh and clean.  Contact us today to get on the schedule and start out your spring with the cleanest ceilings in town.


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3 Responses to Look up. YUCK?

  1. SGS - Dale Leitz says:

    Hello, We have a open structure office work space that is 6 years old and looking for a quote on removing the dust from the high ceiling areas (HVAC, light tops, wires holding lights up, speakers, etc.).

    Please contact me at 763-488-5885

    Dale Leitz
    9300 Winnetka Avenue North
    Brooklyn Park, MN 55445

  2. diane letarte says:

    This is exactly what I am looking for. So now, do you have a satelite office in the Windsor Ontario area

    • Katherin says:

      Although we do not have an office in Windsor, we do handle work in Canada. Are you looking for work to be done, or a chance to have your own ceiling cleaning business?

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